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EVE Energy Unveils New Generation ¡®Mr.Big¡¯ LF560K Super Large Battery Cell 2023-09-27
CORNEX Unveils Long-Lived Energy Storage Solutions at RE+ Exhibition 2023-09-25
CALB Unveils Revolutionary 314Ah Energy Storage Solution at RE+ 2023 2023-09-22
Sunwoda Energy Launches NoahX 2.0: High-Capacity Energy Storage System 2023-09-19
CALB Presented CIBF For ESS and Power applications 2023-09-16
Large Cylindrical Lithium-ion Batteries For ESS 2023-09-14
Higee Released the New 375Ah LFP Battery and Sodium-ion Batteries 2023-09-11
Rept Battero 320Ah&340Ah Wending Battery Energy Storage Series 2023-09-07
CORNEX 320Ah Vessel Special Battery Cell Launch 2023-09-05
BAK Battery: Leading the Charge in Energy Storage Innovation 2023-09-02
EU's New Battery Law Sparks Green Revolution in Global Battery Industry 2023-08-31
Gotion release Astroinno L600 battery can achieve a range of 1000km 2023-08-29
CATL¡¯s Zhaoqing plant certified as zero-carbon factory 2023-08-25
Lishen Battery innovation released four cylinder cells 2023-08-22
CATL Introduces Shenxing Supercharging Battery: Fast-Charging Innovation 2023-08-17
CATL Officially Joined United Nations Global Compact 2023-08-15
CATL provides green power For FISU 2023-08-11
SVOLT Launches Revolutionary 2023-08-07
Chinese enterprises continue to lead the global lithium battery market 2023-08-01
Revolutionary Rept Battero Wending 320Ah Energy Storage Cells 2023-07-28
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