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Sodium-ion Battery

Sodium-ion batteries (Na-ion batteries) are a type of rechargeable battery that uses sodium ions as the charge carriers. Similar to lithium-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries store and release electrical energy through the reversible movement of ions between the positive and negative electrodes. Here is a brief overview of Na-ion batteries and their performance advantages:


  1. Abundance of Sodium: Sodium is more abundant and less expensive than lithium, which makes sodium-ion batteries a cost-effective alternative. This can contribute to lower manufacturing costs and greater accessibility of materials.
  2. Safety: Sodium-ion batteries are considered safer than lithium-ion batteries. Sodium is less reactive and poses fewer safety concerns, making Na-ion batteries potentially more suitable for certain applications, especially where safety is a critical factor.
  3. Similar Electrochemical Properties: Sodium shares similar electrochemical properties with lithium, allowing for the use of existing lithium-ion battery infrastructure and manufacturing processes. This makes it easier to adapt and integrate sodium-ion technology into existing battery technologies.
  4. Environmental Impact: Sodium-ion batteries are considered more environmentally friendly than some other battery technologies due to the abundance of sodium and reduced environmental impact during production and disposal.
  5. Performance: While sodium-ion batteries may not match the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, recent research and development efforts have made significant progress in improving their performance. Advancements in electrode materials and overall battery design aim to enhance energy density, cycle life, and overall efficiency.
  6. Applications: Sodium-ion batteries are being explored for various applications, including grid energy storage, electric vehicles, and portable electronic devices. Their cost-effectiveness and safety features make them attractive for large-scale energy storage solutions, where the abundance of sodium can be a significant advantage.
3.0V 10Ah 32140 sodium ion battery for sale

3.0V 10Ah 32140 sodium ion battery for sale

3.1V 210ah Sodium ion prismatic battery cell

3.1V 210ah Sodium ion prismatic battery cell

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