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Battery Management System

Battery Management System covers lithium battery like LiFePO4 battery, LTO Battery, NCM Battery protection management system with battery assembly in series 3-35 series and working current less than 400A.  The first products, water proof small red board and high current board, are widely used in various power lithium-ion power systems such as electirc bicycles.  sightseeing browsers, golf carts, low-speed tram batteries and so on.  They also serve various other industries around the world, such as: wind and solar energy storage system, household energy storage system, UPS backup power supply, automobile startup power supply, communication base station power supply, etc.  Mine emergency equipment, solar street lamp and other fields.
daly bms
Daly Smart BMS
Battery Management System
ligoo BMS
Ligoo BMS
4-192S battery management system for lithium ion batteries
JK Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A20S6P
Jk Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A17S8P
Jk Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A20S8P
Jk Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A24S8P
Jk Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A20S10P
Jk Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A24S10P
Jk Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A20S12P
Jk Bms Smart Active Balance Bms JK-BD6A24S12P
4-96S Series Battery Management System
8S 24V LiFePO4 Battery BMS
JK BMS 20S 60A lithium battery active equalizer balancer
200A/250A Smart BMS 4S LiFePO4 For 12V LiFePO4 Battery
4S 12V 100A LiFePO4 Battery BMS With UART
LiFePO4 Battery Low Current BMS
Lithium ion Battery Low Current BMS
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