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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO
The Lithium Titanate Battery(LTO Battery), 35AH Lithium Titanate Battery, 55AH LTO Yinlong Battery, 30AH Yinlong Lithium Titanate Battery. We are leading LTO Battery dealer of Yin Long Lithium Titanate Battery, there are 30Ah, 35Ah, 40Ah and 55Ah Cylindrical LTO battery cells available now with super long cycle life of more than 30,000 times. Yin long is the number one Lithium Titanate Battery manufacturer from China with 6 model production factory located in Zhuhai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Lanzhou and Chengdu. As one of the leading companies of R&D LTO materials, Yinlong Energy has the world's largest production base for LTO materials. Through combination of nano-fabrication process and structural control technology, the high-purity Yinlong Titanium" material was synthesized with unique particle morphology and size design, optimized electrochemical performance of LTO material, which solved the difficulty of dispersing nano-materials and laid a solid echnical foundation for Yinlong LTO battery.
LTO battery Cell 2.4V 10Ah
2.4V 1300mah LTO lithium titanate 18650 battery cell
28AH LTO Lithium Titanate Battery
LTO 30AH lithium battery
55AH LTO Lithium Titanate Battery
40AH LTO Lithium Titanate Battery
35AH LTO Lithium Titanate Battery