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35Ah Lithium Titanate Battery On Sales

The lithiumCtitanate battery is a type of rechargeable battery also called LTO Battery, which has the advantage of being faster to charge than other lithium-ion batteries and super long cycle life. Discharg rate of Titanate batteries is very high, as much as 10C.A disadvantage of lithium-titanate batteries is that they have a lower inherent voltage (2.4 V), which leads to a lower specific energy of about 30-110Wh/kg than conventional lithium-ion battery technologies (which have an inherent voltage of 3.7 V).

Zhu Hai Yin Long is a leading Lithium Titanate battery producer from China, they have been produced qualified Lithium Titanate Battery since 2015 and becoming Number one Lithium Titanate Battery producer all over the world.A lithiumC titanate battery is a modified lithium-ion battery that uses lithium-titanate nanocrystals on the surface of its anode instead of carbon. This gives the anode a surface area of about 100 square meters per gram, compared with 3 square meters per gram for carbon, allowing electrons to enter and leave the anode quickly. This makes fast recharging possible and provides high currents when needed.

35AH Lithium Titanate Battery

Advantage of Lithium Titanate Battery:

1. faster charging 10mins fully charged

2. high discharge rate: as much as 10C-15C

3. wide working temperature range: -50C ~ 65C

4. super long cycle life:  over 25,000 times

The battery have been widely used in electric bus in China and the 
electric bus had been running  over 7 yeas without any problem. they provide 8 year warranty and the LTO battery can work over 10 years.




Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Energy Density


Internal Resistance


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Charge Limit Voltage


Max.Continuous Charge Current


Max.Continuous Discharge Current


Max.Pulse Charge/discharge Current(10S)


Operating Temperature


Cycle Life

25000 times(80%DOD)



Battery Weight


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