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CALB Battery Cells
CALB -- China Aviation Lithium Battery produces high quality lithium iron phosphate battery cells for all kinds of lithium cells applications. Evlithium is an official dealer and technical support center of CALB battery in European and one of biggest dealer for global market.

CALB is a leading company in designing and manufacturing batteries and power system with advanced technology for various applications, enabling utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact around the world. As a large national-owned enterprise, CALB is headquartered in Luoyang, China as well as going globally, with $140 million registered capitals and $600 million gross investments in the new industrial park, and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Being the ¡°Global Golden Lithium Battery Manufacturer¡±, CALB is implementing its strategy in the renewable energy storage, transportation, wind & photovoltaic energy storage, telecommunication markets, mining equipment and rail transportation, with high performance lithium-ion battery of large capacity, long cycle life, high power density, excellent safety performance, low self-discharge rate and excellent low temperature performance.

With global vision, CALB steps into rapid development, ranking top in the field of EV Model, energy storage and lithium battery exporter of China, and enters the USA, EU, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other markets worldwide. CALB is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of lithium-ion cells and energy storage system, aiming at providing the best battery solutions available today and in the future so as to promote low carbon economy and sustainable development globally. Here are the high quality 3.2V LiFePO4 prismatic cells produced by CALB:
CALB 230Ah LiFePO4 Battery
CALB 50Ah NMC Battery
CALB L173F163B 163Ah Battery
CALB L160F100 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells
CALB 176Ah Battery
CALB 80AH Battery
CALB CA100 Battery
CALB 72Ah CAM72 Battery Cell
CALB CA180 LiFePO4 Battery
CALB SE200 LiFePO4 Battery
CA400 CALB 400Ah Battery