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L300F177A 3.2V 177Ah Prismatic lithium lifepo4 Battery

calb 3.2v 177ahL300F177A lithium ion battery

Brand new CALB prismatic LiFePO4 battery cell with Aluminum shell supports welded or bolted connections, long cycle life, high energy density, and wide operating temperature range, suitable for energy storage, solar system, EV, RV, yacht, etc.


Rated Capacity

177 Ah (1C discharge)

179 Ah

Rated Voltage

3.20 V (1C discharge)

3.22 V

Rated Energy

566.4 Wh

576.38 Wh

Cell Weight

3.20.07 kg

Mass Energy Density

180 Wh/kg

Cell Volume

1.41L, (without terminal)

Volume Energy Density

408 Wh/L

Alternating Current Resistance




Charging Temperature


Discharge Temperature


Storage Temperature


Fast Charging Time


0-80% SOC

Voltage Range

2.5~3.65 V


2.0~3.65 V




We provide brand new A grade CALB L1300F177A LiFePO4 Cells with welded terminals, and free busbars

welded terminalswelded terminals

Widely Application:

1. EV, e-scooter, electric golf car, electric vacuum sweeper.
2. Electronic toy, model airplane, remote control.
3. Communication equipment: Cordless telephone, inter-phone.
4. Modality equipment and consumer electronics.
5. Decorative lighting, Solar lamps, torch, emergency light, solar street light and power supply.

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