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2.3V 40AH YinLong LTO Lithium Titanate Battery

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The lithiumCtitanate battery is a type of rechargeable battery also called
LTO Battery, which has the advantage of being faster to charge than other lithium-ion batteries and super long cycle life. The discharg rate of Titanate batteries is very high, as much as 10C.A disadvantage of lithium-titanate batteries is that they have a lower inherent voltage (2.4 V), which leads to a lower specific energy of about 30-110Wh/kg than conventional lithium-ion battery technologies (which have an inherent voltage of 3.7 V).

Zhu Hai Yin Long is a leading Lithium Titanate battery producer from China, they have been produced qualified Lithium Titanate Battery since 2015 and becoming Number one Lithium Titanate Battery producer all over the world.A lithiumC titanate battery is a modified lithium-ion battery that uses lithium-titanate nanocrystals on the surface of its anode instead of carbon. This gives the anode a surface area of about 100 square meters per gram, compared with 3 square meters per gram for carbon, allowing electrons to enter and leave the anode quickly. This makes fast recharging possible and provides high currents when needed.

40ah lithium titanate battery cell

Advantage of LTO Lithium Titanate Battery:

1. faster charging:10mins fully charged

2. high discharge rate: as much as 10C-15C

3. wide working temperature range: -50C~65C

4. super long cycle life:  over 25,000 times

The battery have been widely used in electric bus in China and the 
electric bus had been running  over 7 yeas without any problem. they provide 8 year warranty and the LTO battery can work over 10 years.

dimension of lto 66160h yinlong battery




Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Energy Density


Internal Resistance


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Charge Limit Voltage


Max.Continuous Charge Current


Max.Continuous Discharge Current


Max.Pulse Charge/discharge Current(10S)


Operating Temperature


Cycle Life

25000 times(80%DOD)



Battery Weight



yinlong lto batteries

discharge characteristic curve

The negative electrode of the lithium titanate battery is a lithium titanate battery material, which is different from the traditional graphite electrode. Its excellent performance is mainly manifested in the following points:

1. Good safety.

The most important point of the electric vehicle battery is that it needs high safety. 
does not form lithium dendrites on the negative electrode due to its high equilibrium potential, but it has good safety, and there are no hidden safety hazards such as explosion and fire.

2. The cycle performance is good,

because it is a "zero strain" material, and there will be no structural changes during charge and discharge, and it has very excellent cycle performance.

3. It can be charged and discharged quickly.

The diffusion coefficient of lithium ions in the lithium titanate crystal is an order of magnitude more than that of the graphite negative electrode. It is fast to charge and discharge, and more importantly, fast charge and discharge have little effect on its life. The ability to charge quickly is an important indicator of the electric vehicle battery in the examination room.

4. Wide operating temperature range -35-70,

special products can work stably at -50, without affecting the market promotion due to environment and 
region. At low temperatures, the ability to insert and extract lithium will decrease, especially the inserting ability. Lithium titanate anodes will not appear to cause lithium short-circuits or worsen the anode dendrites when charged at -30C, which is not possible with graphite anodes, Can be quickly charged and discharged in a wide range of environments, suitable for automotive applications.

5. Low self discharge rate

The data we obtained through experiments is that our positive electrode uses our conventional lithium manganate, and the negative electrode uses lithium titanate. The 60-degree storage 28-day capacity residual rate is 88%, and the capacity recovery rate is more than 95%.

6. Long life:

The ordinary lithium battery has a low charge and discharge capacity below zero degrees Celsius and cannot work normally, while the lithium titanate battery has a conversion efficiency of 86% between charge and discharge in the range of minus 35 degrees to 70 degrees above zero. 91% or more, the performance is very superior; the general lithium battery charge and discharge cycle are generally about 5000 times, and the cycle life of lithium titanate battery can reach more than 20,000 times.

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