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TOSHIBA SCIB 20Ah LTO Battery Cell

Lithium Titanate Battery LTO
Industrial Lithium-ion Battery Toshiba Rechargeable lithium titanate Battery

Cell Specifications

Nominal Capacity 20 Ah
Nominal Voltage 2.3 V
Weight 510 g
Energy / Weight 90 Wh/kg
Energy / Volume 177 Wh/L
Impedance (AC, 1kHz) 0.53 mΩ
Operating Voltage 1.5 to 2.7 V
Operating Temperature −30° to 55°C
Charging Method CC-CV



    • Long Life Cycle Characteristics – Exceptional long life is achieved by using new oxide-based materials. Capacity loss after 10,000 charge-discharge cycles is less than 20%.
    • Inherently Safe – The battery’s advanced safety features include Toshiba’s proprietary lithiumtitanate technology which prevents thermal runaway.
    • Fast Charge Rates – It takes only 6 minutes to charge from SOC 0% to 80%, SCiB batteries increase customer up-time and productivity and enable efficient capture of regen energy.
    • High Output Performance – SCiB batteries offer a power density nearly equivalent to that of ultra-capacitors. This ensures sufficient power output (160 A continuous) for high power application needs.
    • Superb Temperature Performance – SCiB provides sufficient discharge capacity at various temperatures ranging from ice-cold −30°C up to 55°C. This makes SCiB suitable for applications in wide ranging temperatures.
    • Production – Producing the batteries on a state-of-the-art automated high volume production line ensures that the customer receives the highest quality battery and stable supply to meet the most demanding application needs

battery curvecycle life curve


Common Applications Include:

HEV, PHEV, & EV , Solar Power Generation, Wind Power, Generation, & Grid Storage, Forklifts/Automated Guide Vehicles, Mobile Medical Equipment, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Electric Bicycles, Motorcycles, & Scooters.

applications of 20ah lto battery cells

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