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REPT BATTERO Introduces Wending 587Ah and 625Ah Energy Storage Cells at SNEC 2024


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From June 13-15, 2024, the highly anticipated SNEC Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. As the most authoritative photovoltaic exhibition in the industry, SNEC showcases the latest advancements across the entire photovoltaic industry chain, including energy storage. The event attracts over 3,500 companies from nearly 100 countries and regions worldwide to explore market trends, cooperation strategies, policy directions, cutting-edge technologies, and photovoltaic finance, collectively promoting the high-quality development of the photovoltaic and energy storage industries.

REPT BATTERO continues to expand its Wending series product line, achieving another innovative breakthrough. This year, it introduces the latest Wending 587Ah and 625Ah energy storage cells at SNEC 2024, setting a new trend in large-capacity energy storage.

The Wending 587Ah energy storage cell features comprehensive core technologies and has undergone a full upgrade. Its innovative design maximizes space utilization, achieving a volumetric energy density of 430Wh/L. It reduces redundant tabs, lowers direct current internal resistance by 16%, and enhances safety and reliability. The use of dual high-solid-liquid interface technology increases the ion migration rate by 30%. The upgraded low-degradation high-yield lithium technology, utilizing high-yield lithium electrode materials, ensures zero capacity degradation over five years. The Wending 587Ah cell boasts a high energy capacity of 1878Wh, an energy efficiency of 96.5%, over 12,000 cycles, and an ultra-durable calendar life of 25-30 years, meeting the needs of large-scale storage while balancing lifespan with economic benefits.

The Wending 625Ah energy storage cell adopts the same Wending structure with a same-side tab design, achieving a volumetric energy density of 430Wh/L and a precise 2 kWh capacity. It features thermal-electric separation and a 2000V high-voltage insulation design for enhanced safety and reliability. This large-capacity cell is applied in terminal systems, bringing energy storage systems into the 6.5+ MWh era. It can effectively reduce carbon emissions by 84.8 tons per day and increase the return on investment by 18.7%, achieving cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and green emission reduction. It provides customers with efficient, economical, and sustainable green energy storage solutions.

While continually upgrading its products, REPT BATTERO remains committed to the development philosophy of open cooperation and co-creation of the future. At SNEC 2024, REPT BATTERO signed strategic cooperation agreements with over ten customers, including Kehua Tech, TMR Energy, and HOENERGY, to jointly explore more possibilities in new energy technology and promote energy transformation and green development. The signing companies and REPT BATTERO expressed their commitment to mutual trust, focusing on long-term interests and striving for stable and long-term cooperation. This mutually beneficial collaboration aims to drive the rapid development of both businesses, once again proving that product strength is key to winning the market.

The launch of the Wending 587Ah and 625Ah energy storage cells not only signifies the company's technological innovation and R&D strength but also indicates that REPT BATTERO will play a crucial role in promoting global energy transformation and green development. Looking ahead, REPT BATTERO will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of open cooperation and co-creation of the future, exploring the frontiers of new energy technology with more partners and driving innovation and development in the energy storage industry. With continuous technological progress and market expansion, REPT BATTERO aims to make significant contributions to achieving global carbon neutrality goals and sustainable development.

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