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RRPS and CATL Launch TENER Products in EU and UK Markets


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Rolls-Royce Power Systems (RRPS) and CATL are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to introduce the TENER product line to the EU and UK markets. This innovative product is designed with a focus on safety, enhanced service life, efficiency, and availability. Depending on the specific product line and customer use case, the new TENER product can offer up to five years of no degradation. RRPS has begun incorporating TENER products into their mtu EnergyPack QG solutions. The two companies have developed a strong relationship, integrating TENER products into comprehensive EPC-turnkey projects with all-inclusive service maintenance.

Grid-scale energy storage systems support the integration of variable renewable energy sources into the grid while improving grid stability and reliability. This fully integrated solution enables customers to utilize the latest grid and trading services in the rapidly modernizing grids of the UK and EU. It will help accelerate the energy transition and build a more sustainable energy infrastructure.

Late last year, RRPS and CATL signed a long-term supply agreement covering more than 10 GWh of business cooperation. This agreement enhances the business relationship between the two companies and promotes growth in the EU and UK markets. Both companies' commitment to technology, quality, safety, and timely delivery provides greater investment security for customers. The partnership also drives innovation in intelligent products such as RRPS’s smart mtu EnergetIQ automation solution and its digital platform mtu Go!, combined with CATL’s intelligent diagnostics platform and BMS. This collaboration strengthens the capabilities of both companies to deliver large-scale, complex projects. They have successfully completed various projects in the EU with the EnerOne product line and have multiple projects contracted in the EU for the EnerC+ product line.

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