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CATL Introduces Groundbreaking TENER Energy Storage System at ees Europe 2024


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On June 19, CATL introduced TENER, the world’s first mass-producible energy storage system with zero degradation in the first five years of use. This groundbreaking technology was unveiled at ees Europe, the largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems in Europe.

Powering Innovation

The TENER energy storage system maintains zero degradation in power and capacity over five years, thanks to its advanced bionic SEI and self-assembling electrolyte technologies. These innovations address issues like lithium metal reactivity and thermal runaway risks, ensuring long-term stability and safety.

Utilizing CATL's L-series cells with an energy density of 430Wh/L, TENER features a 6.25 MWh capacity in a 20-foot container. This design increases energy density per unit area by 30% and reduces the overall station footprint by 20%.

Comprehensive Quality Management

CATL has established a dedicated, end-to-end quality management system for TENER. This system encompasses technology development, proof testing, operation monitoring, and safety failure analysis. It sets safety goals for various scenarios and develops technologies to meet these goals. Continuous monitoring of the system's operation is carried out through AI-powered risk monitoring and early warning measures to verify and optimize its safety design goals.

Global Impact

With its exceptional safety performance, five-year zero degradation, and robust 6.25 MWh capacity, TENER is poised to revolutionize global energy storage technology, driving high efficiency and widespread adoption.

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