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CORNEX Launches Revolutionary 625Ah Energy Storage Battery at SNEC 2024


From June 13th to 15th, the SNEC 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. During this prestigious event, CORNEX unveiled the "Two-Kilowatt Power" – a new 625Ah dedicated energy storage battery cell. This innovative battery, known for its "Two-Kilowatt Power, Triple Extreme, Six-Dimensional Balance" characteristics, garnered significant attention and became a highlight of the exhibition.

As the world's leading photovoltaic event, this year's SNEC conference broke all previous records. The exhibition covered over 400,000 square meters, featuring more than 3,500 exhibitors, including government representatives, leading companies, financial institutions, and media from 95 countries and regions. Registered visitors surpassed 500,000.

625ah ess battery cell


On the afternoon of the 13th, CORNEX conducted in-depth demonstrations and explanations of the technical benefits and potential applications of the new 625Ah dedicated energy storage batteries. With the growing market demand for energy storage products that offer "high level of safety, extended cycle life, and low cost," the development of large-capacity batteries is flourishing. The release of the 625Ah ultra-large capacity batteries marks a significant advancement in CORNEX's battery technology.

CORNEX's new "Accurate 2kWh" – 625Ah dedicated energy storage battery cell – is not merely a larger, higher-capacity battery. It is designed to balance six dimensions: safety, cost, energy density, energy efficiency, consistency, and cycle life, ensuring continuous and stable high-capacity output. The battery cell achieves a new benchmark for safety by physically separating the explosion-proof valve from the polar ear, placing them on opposite sides for thermal and electrical separation. Enhanced lamination processes, reduced internal resistance, and improved energy efficiency and consistency contribute to an energy efficiency of 0.5P as high as 96%. The battery's energy density exceeds 430Wh/L, 8% higher than the previous generation. The ultra-capacity battery maintains stability and exceptional performance, while the same-side pole ear design increases system volume group efficiency by 19%, maximizing space utilization.


625ah lifepo4 battery cell

This new 625Ah energy storage battery has impressive high-capacity properties, enabling the energy of a standard 20-foot container system to exceed 6.5MWh+. It is suitable for large-scale energy storage systems, industrial and commercial applications, providing industry users with safer, more efficient, and reliable solutions.

CORNEX's impressive showcase at the SNEC exhibition underscores its technical prowess in the new energy sector and its confidence in leading industry innovation and development. CORNEX remains committed to independent research and development and technological innovation, aiming to strengthen its competitive edge and accelerate the transition to high-efficiency, clean, low-carbon, and smart green energy.

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