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SVOLT Unveils 770Ah High-Capacity Energy Storage Cell at European Premiere


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From June 19-21, the European Smart Energy Exhibition grandly opened in Munich, Germany. At the exhibition, SVOLT showcased its high-safety short blade energy storage cells, commercial and industrial energy storage systems, power liquid-cooled energy storage, and household full-series energy storage products. Addressing the new safety challenges in energy storage under low-cost competition, SVOLT also debuted its latest dynamic energy and firepower separation technology. This technology meets automotive-grade standards, offering triple protection from the cell, PACK, and system levels to safeguard new energy storage safety.

At this exhibition, SVOLT displayed its unique short blade energy storage cell series, including VDA and pouch energy storage cells, totaling nine different cells.

For the short blade energy storage-specific cells, in addition to the currently mass-produced 325Ah cell, SVOLT introduced a newly upgraded 350Ah cell and a 770Ah short blade energy storage cell with higher energy density and greater capacity. These new cells significantly enhance heat dissipation efficiency while substantially reducing BOM and manufacturing costs. Both cells boast a cycle life exceeding 11,000 cycles. On the client side, they can further enhance the system integration of 20-foot containers, reduce parts, and achieve the industry's highest capacity within the same dimensions. On the cost side, the 350Ah and 770Ah cells employ SVOLT's advanced "fly stack" process, improving safety, stability, and cost advantages, thereby achieving the ultimate cost-performance ratio.

For the VDA energy storage cells, the exhibition featured 100Ah and 222Ah cells, with the 222Ah cell targeting 0.5P and 1P applications and already delivered in large quantities. In the pouch energy storage cell category, SVOLT presented 50Ah and 65Ah cells for high-end household storage in overseas markets, while cylindrical cells had a capacity of 4.2Ah.


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The new energy storage landscape comprises three main application scenarios: power, commercial and industrial, and household storage. At this exhibition, SVOLT showcased its flagship products in these three key areas. For large-scale storage applications, SVOLT introduced its highly safe, low-cost power storage product—the short blade liquid-cooled energy storage system. This system is available in three capacities: 3.46MWh, 5.16MWh, and 6.9MWh, with the 6.9MWh version being the largest short blade liquid-cooled energy storage system in China. This product uses independently developed third-generation high-speed stacking technology 3.0—fly stack process, which offers high safety and consistency. At the PACK level, the system effectively suppresses thermal spread and constrains expansion through innovative material and design improvements. In terms of system integration, the product enhances structure, electrical, communication, fire protection, thermal management, and compatibility to achieve more efficient functionality at a better cost.

In the commercial and industrial energy storage sector, SVOLT presented the 318KWh commercial liquid-cooled battery cabinet, unit energy storage, and medium-sized energy storage systems. For household storage, similar to last year, SVOLT brought its globally ultra-thin household storage CP—ultra-thin household storage inverter and system, portable storage, and SVOLT & Anshi household storage products, continuing to deeply cultivate the European household storage market.

Given the global trend of energy storage cells "growing larger" and the international market's focus on household storage, the high safety of future energy storage products will become increasingly important. Addressing this market pain point, SVOLT has integrated its unique power battery dragon scale thermal-electric separation technology into the energy storage safety protection field, developing the exclusive "firepower separation technology" for energy storage, achieving new energy storage safety.

At the exhibition, SVOLT demonstrated the working principle of its firepower separation technology to the audience. This technology achieves "two extremes": extreme safety and extreme cycle performance. In terms of extreme safety, by truly realizing "fire-electricity separation," the technology can solve system high-voltage short circuit arcing and fire risks. The cell design employs an innovative structure with a top explosion-proof valve for directional exhaust, and in the PACK design, the thermal runaway pressure relief area and the electrical connection area are independently set, reducing runaway risks, preventing fires, and ensuring both cell and PACK safety, which is more conducive to overall system safety. For extreme cycle performance, the technology uses dual-sided liquid cooling to reduce the cell body temperature difference and maximum temperature, extending the cell cycle life.

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