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Boosting Battery Efficiency: Wending's Innovative Space Utilization


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In the fast-evolving world of battery technology, Wending Battery has taken a giant leap forward with innovations that enhance space utilization by over 7%. By rethinking the design and internal structure of their batteries, Wending has achieved remarkable efficiency improvements that set a new standard in the industry.

Redefining Space with Integrated Wending Technology

Wending's breakthrough starts with a major modification to the battery's tab design and connection method. The length of the tab is shortened, and a new connection method with the adapter piece is introduced. This change, combined with their integrated Wending technology, ensures a seamless internal connection of the battery cell's structure. As a result, the top space inside the battery is reduced from 15mm to 8mm, significantly boosting the overall space utilization by more than 7%.

SCL Die-Cutting Technology

One of the critical innovations in this process is the SCL die-cutting technology. This technique avoids the double-knife die-cutting stage, which often produces spiked steps on the pole pieces. By eliminating these steps, Wending improves the utilization of the top space of the positive and negative cores, further enhancing the effective use of the battery space.

Detachable CTP Technology

Wending's detachable CTP (Cell-to-Pack) technology is another game-changer. By optimizing the design of both the battery cell and the module structure, they have managed to "destructure" the battery pack. This removable technology not only simplifies maintenance but also facilitates recycling, aligning with sustainable practices.

Minimalist Cover Technology

The minimalist cover technology developed by Wending replaces traditional injection-molded and riveted/welded top cover structures. This innovation increases the effective power available from the battery cell, reduces the battery weight, and cuts down production costs, contributing to overall efficiency and performance.

Internal Circulation Self-Balancing Technology

Lastly, the internal circulation self-balancing technology employs special additives to adjust the power of different cells during charging. This flexible adjustment improves the consistency of power across the battery, ensuring reliable performance.

Wending Battery's suite of technologies not only enhances space utilization but also boosts overall battery efficiency, making a significant impact in the realm of energy storage solutions. These advancements underscore Wending's commitment to innovation and excellence in battery technology.

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