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3.2V 700Ah Winston LiFePO4 batteries to Trinidad and Tobago

We have a new customer from Trinidad and Tobago who purchased 4 Winston 3.2V 700ah TSWB-LYP700AHA batteries.

This customer sails at sea all year round and hopes to use large-capacity batteries to build an energy storage system on board. He is very interested in the long lifetime Winston battery, and the large capacity of 700ah is very simple for building the system he wants, so he finally decided to purchase 4 cells and equip 8 pcs copper busbars to connect these cells.


Winston 3.2V 700Ah

The lead time for these 4 Winston 700ah cells is only 1 week. We packed 4 cells into a UN plywood box that meets the dangerous goods transportation regulations, and the total gross weight is 100kg.

Packing list

Packaging-4pcs 700Ah cells

For shipping, the goods will be shipped to the Port of Spain by sea, and the entire voyage is about 50 days. The estimated arrival time is August 5th

Please find the full tracking information below:


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