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Successful Shipment of 150W Wireless Charger for Advanced Farming Robotics

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We recently shipped a singular unit of a 150-watt (W) waterproof wireless charger to our customer in Korea. This particular wireless charger is specifically designed to power a 24v 70AH lifepo4 battery, which is typically used for advanced smart farm robotics. This technology allows for agricultural tasks to be automated, enhancing productivity and efficiency in the farming sector.

Initially, the customer had requested a 300W wireless charger. However, after considering the specifics of the installation environment and requirements, we realized that a 300W charger might not be the optimal solution. The designated installation space for the charger was quite limited, and there was a significant need for outdoor charging capabilities due to the nature of the robot's operational environment.

In light of these constraints, we recommended the 150W waterproof wireless charger to the customer. This charger not only fits the limited installation space but is also equipped with a waterproof feature, making it capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. This ensures that the charger remains functional and efficient, even in adverse weather conditions.

The total gross weight for a complete set of the 150W waterproof wireless charger is approximately 8 kilograms. Given the urgency and the need to ensure the charger reaches our customer in Korea promptly, we opted to utilize air freight for shipping. This method of delivery is faster and more reliable, ensuring that the charger arrives in excellent condition, ready for immediate use on the smart farm robot.

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