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Headway 38120S 3.2V 10Ah LiFePO4 Battery to Australia


Our customer from Australia recently ordered 8pcs Headway 38120S 3.2V 10Ah LiFePO4 Battery from us.
The application is for replacement cells for an electric bicycle battery pack. This battery pack designed and constructed by customer many years ago but the cells are now old and exhausted. the client would like to replace them with the same type. 

headway 38120S 3.2V10Ah
Headway LiFePO4 Battery is a cylindrical lithium LiFePO4 power battery with a high discharge rate, long cycle life, and easy assembly. The models are 3.2V 8Ah 38120hp, 10Ah 38120s, 15Ah and 17ah 40152S headway cells. It is a reliable and efficient source of energy for a variety of applications.
These batteries are one of the safest chemistries for lithium batteries.
The headway battery can be flexibly made into battery packs with different voltages, capacities, and size.we provided connectors and battery holders for assembling.
The battery has the characteristics of high charge/discharge current and high discharge temperature.

datasheet of 38120S 10Ah
We packed the batteries and accessories with carton and protected by sponge.

38120S 10Ah photos
The batteries are shipped to Australia by special line and it is door to door service.the shipping cost is very cheap but the delivery time is little long.It took 21 days to arrive.

tracking of 38120S 10Ah

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