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72pcs CALB 72Ah CAM72 lifepo4 battery ship to Philippines


A customer in Malaysia ordered 72pcs CALB CAM72 72Ah lifepo4 battery for his customers. 4 years ago, he ordered 40pcs CALB CAM72 batteries from our company to be shipped to Malaysia; this year, he placed an order for 72 pieces of CALB CAM72 batteries again and shipped them to the Philippines, and required the batteries to arrive at the designated location.

calb cam72 72ah lifepo4 battery

CALB -- China Aviation Lithium Battery produces high quality lithium iron phosphate battery cells for all kinds of lithium cells applications. Evlithium is an official dealer and technical support center of CALB battery in European and one of biggest dealer for global market.

calb battery

CALB battery are a type of advanced lithium-ion batteries that offer several distinct advantages over other types of rechargeable cells. One advantage is their high energy density, meaning they can store more power per unit weight than most lead-acid batteries. Additionally, CALB battery are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store. They also require little maintenance and can be used without frequent recharging.


After 2 months we had the batteries ready.

This is a picture of the batteries when they are ready to be shipped. Each battery is wrapped in foam to ensure that customers receive the battery in good condition.

calb battery shipping

This is the test report of the CALB CAM 72 battery when it leaves the factory. Every battery is of high quality.

calb battery test report

The batteries are packed in cartons, 16 batteries per box, and shipped to the Philippines using UPS shipping.

This is the tracking information.


The battery has arrived at the UPS warehouse and can be dispatched to the customer after customs clearance.



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