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25.6V206Ah Lifepo4 Battery Packs to Felixstowe,UK


Our valued customer from the UK repeated 15pcs 25.6V206Ah lifepo4 battery packs.

drawing for 25.6V206Ah

The batteries are applied to power the mobile robots used for farm picking.

This is the third order. We delivered a sample for the customer's test.After the first sample test was successful, the customer returned the order for 8 sets. A year later, due to business expansion, the customer purchased 15 sets this time. The next order in 2024 is expected to be 60 sets.

The battery pack are connected by Ganfeng 3.2V 206Ah LiFePO4 Battery,16S1P.All batteries we used are brand new,grade A and well balanced.

Ganfeng Battery 53173200-206Ah: 3.2V 206Ah

We customized this lifepo4 battery pack has a nominal voltage and capacity of 25.6V 206Ah, a dimension of 470*185*240mm, a weight of 27kg, a maximum discharge current of 150A, a maximum charging current of 100A, with an iron shell and a COM port of RS485, build-in an intelligent BMS.

We have updated the battery packs as the customer’s requirements, like adding venting.

Also We improved the internal structure, such as neatly arranged cables,more details,please check the below pictures£º

internal photos for 25.6V206Ah

The batteries are packed into wooden case and protected by foam.3pcs in one carton£¬total is 736 KGS and 1 CBM.

packing of 25.6V206Ah

Our customer ordered them on the beginning of Jan and they wanted to receive the batteries on end of March,because of CNY holiday,it was really tight schedule for us.

But we overcomed and the batteries will arrive at March,below is tracking information:

tracking to felixstowe,UK


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