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280Ah and 304Ah LiFePO4 batteries shipped to Canada


As one of regular shipment to Toronto, we ship 1800pcs prismatic LiFePO4 battery cells by a 40ft container from Shenzhen Yantian port to Toronto on 20th of January 2024

It including 150pcs CATL 280Ah battery cells and 1650pcs EVE 304Ah LiFePO4 battery cells.

shipment of LFP battery to Toronto

CATL 280Ah prismatic LiFePO4 battery cell is packaged by original CATL carton box. There are 50pcs cells in each package. All batteries are welding with terminal screw bolts and we provide connectors and isolation pads.

CATL 280Ah LFP Battery

For the EVE 304Ah LiFePO4 battery cells, we are now using new updated welding.

EVE 304Ah LFP Battery Cells with welding

All batteries are brand new and grade A cells with test report.

Test Report of EVE 304Ah LiFePO4 Battery

The container shipped by EVERGREEN LINE arrived Vancouver port on 7th of Feb and clear customs by our freight agent Canadian Customs Brokers Inc and then it would be transfered by train from Vancouver to Toronto and it would be arrive toronto port on 15th as plan.

LiFePO4 Battery Cell 280Ah & 304Ah

We are now cooperating with our clients, a famous brand company engage in energy storage with lithium battery for over 10 years, distributing lithium batteries and energy storage system in Canada and USA. With over 5 years cooperation, we deliver lithium batteries to Canada every month by boat.

welding and connectors of EVE & CATL 280Ah & 304Ah Battery

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