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2pcs deye inverters and 2pcs tc chargers ship to Canada 

The customer from Canada ordered two Deye 50kw inverters and two TC 6.6kw chargers again.

Deye 50kw Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

Deye inverter is an efficient and reliable inverter. Its main function is to convert DC power in the energy storage system into AC power for use in the power supply network or load.

Deye inverters have high-quality components and strict production processes, and have good anti-interference and stability. It has multiple protection functions, such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, etc., which can effectively protect the safe operation of the inverter and energy storage system.


deye 50kw three phase hybrid inverter specification


TC charger 6.6KW HK-L Series On Board Charger

TC/Elcon charger features light weight, small volume, stable performance, high efficiency and reliable security etc., TC/Elcon charger can be switched automatically between the floating and balancing charging and also has the protection functions of reverse connection, output short-circuit and overload and so on.

tc charger 6kw obc charger specification


Attached is the mass production photo for your reference. Because the inverter is very heavy, we use cartons + pallets to transport it safely and smoothly.

deye inverter package


tc charger onboard charger package

Our customers choose air freight, and the shipping time is 4-7 working days for arrival.

inverter and tc charger shipment

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