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A customer from Vavau/Tonga. needs 4pcs winston 1000ah lifeypo4 batteries.

1000ah winston battery

He needs to replace the 12V service battery pack, and he wants to use a 4x1000Ah Winston battery to form a 12V D battery pack through connecting pieces.

The Thunder Sky Winston battery is a high-power lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. As the only LFP producer, Winston incorporate Yttrium to enhance the cell temperature flexibility as well as performance overall. Minimal lifetime of 2000 cycles with real experience showing up to 8000 cycles.

Since there is only one ship per month from New Zealand to Vavau/Tonga, the customer was very anxious to catch up with the shipping date. He paid readily. We prepared batteries for the customer as soon as we received the payment.

After 7 days, the battery is ready for shipment.

This is a battery test report. Every battery performance meets the standards.

winston battery test report

This is a photo of the packaging of the battery before shipment. The battery is wrapped in a wooden box, sealed tightly, and will be delivered to the
customer safely.

winston 1000ah battery


This is the battery tracking information, the battery will arrive at the port of Auckland, New Zealand in 21 days.






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