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EVE LF50K 50ah lifepo4 batteries USA

A customer from the USA purchased 24pcs EVE LF50K 3.2V 50ah prismatic battery cells from us for DIY a 72V lifepo4 battery bank of his electric motorcycle, he needed a high continuous discharge rate of the batteries for the stable acceleration of the motorcycle, and EVE LF50K battery cell has the constant charge and discharges current of 3C, pulse current of 5C, 100% meet the requirements of his application.

 EVE LF50K 50ah lifepo4 battery USA

As you can see, these
EVE lifepo4 batteries are all brand new, grade A cells with protective covers on the poles, and the QR codes are clear the complete. The batteries are packed into two cartons with a total gross weight is 36kgs. We shipped them by the sea with door-to-door service.

EVE LF50K has a super long cycle life of more than 5000 times at 80%DOD, 1C; it is one of the best choices for energy storage, solar system, electric vehicles, RV, etc. We also provide 80ah, 90ah, 105ah, 280ah, and other models of EVE batteries with excellent quality and reasonable prices. 

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