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Headway lifepo4 battery cell 38120S Shipped to Canada

About 10 years ago our customer made an e-scooter project using 8pcs of 38140S 12Ah headway LiFePO4 battery cells, and now he needs to replace these cells, and he has really hard time to find these cells. He decoded to use shorter model Headway 38120S 3.2V 10Ah, which is available, but all suppliers he contacted have a problem to ship them to Canada - even from China or US. Eventually he found our website and ordered 8pcs 38120S 10Ah headway LiFePO4 battery cells from us.

headway 38120S

We shipped the batteries to Vancouver, B.C. Canada by air and it is included in all the custom and tax. Our customer received them within 20days after departure from China.

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