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3.2V 206Ah LiFePO4 Battery cells Shipped to Bahamas

Recently we shipped 224pcs GFB 3.2V 206Ah lifepo4 cells to the Bahamas. We got the customerĄ¯s inquiry from Facebook and knew that he wants hundreds of 3.2V200Ah cells to build solar systems. Considering his application, we recommended the model GFB 3.2V 206Ah LiFePO4 battery cell, a brand new grade A with excellent performance on energy storage, and this cell is also used in the SOK 12V 206Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack.

GFB lifepo4 battery cell

Brand New Grade A 206ah LiFePO4 Battery Cell with Clear and complete QR code

We are delighted that the customer is very interested in this 206ah lifepo4 battery cell; he ordered a total of 224pcs 206ah cells to build 16x 48V battery banks for solar application. According to the clientĄ¯s requirements, we helped him to weld the M6 bolts on the terminal ready to use.

For the packaging, we packed 4 of the lifepo4 batteries in a tiny carton, 224pcs were packed in a total of 56 cartons, and then we fitted these cartons in two pallets with a total gross weight 1089kgs. Finally, we booked the vessel space to ship the goods to Nassau, Bahamas. ItĄ¯s expected to take about 2 months to arrive at the destination port.

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