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Headway 40152S 15Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells

Recently, Our Brazilian client ordered 150 pieces of  Headway 40152S 3.2V 15Ah cylindrical LiFePO4 batteries for testing. It is the second cooperation between us. Last time they tested hundreds of 3.7V 113Ah NMC cells and 3.2V 163Ah lifepo4 cells. We are very grateful for the trust that our customers have given us. As before, these cells will also be used for their EV projects. 

40152S Headway battery

We packed these batteries in cartons filled with sponges and provided the customer with easy to use connectors and plastic holders. Regarding the shipping, we will ship these batteries to the port of ITAJAI, and the sailing time is about 6-7 weeks.

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