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Home > Order and Shipment>2KW On Board Battery Charger delivered to Spain

2KW On Board Battery Charger Were Delivered to Spain

A customer from Spain ordered one sample of a 2KW on board battery charger for testing several days ago.

The clientĄ¯s battery is a 27S li-ion battery; he required the max output voltage should reach up to 115V, and the input voltage is AC 220V 50Hz. According to his requirements, we recommended choosing the model 2KW SMCZ2-9618A On Board Battery Charger, which has max output current @15A. In addition, we provided the charger with CAN-BUS communication as required.

on board battery charger

The charger is packed in one carton and delivered by TNT, and the client can track the status of the order on the website.

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