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150Ah£¬230Ah and 280Ah batteries to Taiwan

Our Taiwanese customers purchased EVE 230Ah,REPT150Ah, REPT280Ah batteries and 24V80A chargers.


24V80A chargers
Our customers often purchased chargers from our company before, but because of our product quality, service and price, they started purchasing lithium batteries from our company.
In early December 2023, our customer placed an order for EVE105Ah, 230Ah and RECP150Ah, 280Ah, 16 pieces each. These batteries are to demonstrate the quality of the batteries as well as the welding skills to customers. The customer provided on-site guidance on battery poles and other issues.
In mid-December 2023, our customers visited EVE's factory in Hubei under our leadership and then came to our company and our processing factory to guide us with our professional knowledge. At the same time, we also showed our customers that we professionalism.
We provide an inspection report for each batch of batteries to customers. From the following inspection report, it can be clearly seen that all the batteries we provide are of the highest quality and have the best matching consistency. The capacitance difference within the matching group is <1.6%, the voltage difference within the matching group is <3mV, the internal resistance difference within the matching group is <0.05mOhm, and the internal resistance of a single chip is <0.3mOhm.
We have our own welding machines to help customers weld poles.
These batteries will be used in warehouse logistics vehicles such as forklifts and stackers. The vibrations during use are serious, so we customized this pole to increase the contact area, copper connecting pieces and anti-slip nuts. These materials may withstand 7Nm will not deform or fall off.

We help customers purchase end plates and accessories. These end plates will be placed at both ends of the connected battery to fix and protect the battery.

All batteries are placed on pallets, a total of 12 pallets, 5427.00KGS, 8.81CBM.

The batteries were shipped by sea to Keelung Port in Taiwan and arrived in just two days.

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