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CATL 100Ah and 280Ah Lifepo4 Battery and Panasonic Battery shipped to Egypt


An engineer from an Egyptian company wants to purchase 10pcs CATL 280ah lifepo4 battery and 2pcs CATL 100ah batteries for testing. These batteries require welding M6 bolts and matching accessories.

CATL is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide. CATL is headquartered in ningde, Fujian, China. CATL is the Number One lithium battery manufacturer in China.


Since Egyptian customs clearance requires MSDS, the customer confirmed with us in advance whether we could provide these documents. We confirmed and then sent these documents to the customer very quickly.

Then, after confirming the battery supply, we quoted the customer and verified the air freight to Egypt.

Later, the customer told us that he also needed 100pcs Panasonic 3400mah batteries and confirmed various details about transportation.

After the customer got the answer, he sent us a PO.

According to the PO, I edit the total cost of these batteries and freight into a proforma invoice and send it to the customer.

The customer provided the invoice to the company for review, and finally, 2 months later, we received the customer's payment.

We quickly arrange the purchase of batteries and strive to ship them as soon as possible.

This is a picture of the packaging when shipped. A carton contains 4pcs of batteries and is protected with foam board so that the batteries will not be damaged during transportation and ensure that the batteries are intact when customers receive them.


catl battery and panasonic battery

This is tracking information.



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