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Winston 40Ah TSWB-LYP40AHA LiFePO4 battery cells Shipped to Russia

Recently a client from Russia ordered four Winston TSWB-LYP40AHA 3.2V 40ah LiFePO4(LiFeYPO4) prismatic cells from our Aliexpress store and would use these 40Ah LiFePO4 battery cells to build a 12V 40Ah small solar energy storage system.

The client chose the Winston battery cell because of its wide operating temperature range -45íŠ to 85íŠ. It can release the best performance in the low temperature of the Russian winter.  

Winston Battery 40ah

Winston Battery cell has the best performance among all lifepo4 cells: a wide operating voltage of 2.8V~4.0V, a high charging rate of 3C, a max discharge rate of 10C, a wide operating temperature range of -45íŠ~85íŠ, and super long cycle life of 5000times @80%DOD. Winston Battery cell has very Public praise of mouth in the market.

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