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GBS-LFP400Ah-A 3.2V 400AH Prismatic LiFePO4 Cells Shipped to the United States

An American client needed lifepo4 cells with a high capacity to build a 12V lifepo4 battery bank for his small solar energy system, he found us to get some advice, and we recommended him three high capacity lifepo4 cells of 300ah, 400ah and 700ah. 

He has chosen GBS 400ah lifepo4 cells to compare these several cells the weight, price, size and other parameters. The 300ah lifepo4 cell has a smaller capacity, a 4S 12V 300Ah battery bank can not meet his requirement of the capacity, while the 4S2P 12V 600Ah battery pack is too heavy; and the 700ah lifepo4 cell meets his capacity requirement, but the price is beyond his budget; so the GBS-LFP-400AH-A 400ah lifepo4 cell is the best choice for him.

GBS 400AH lifepo4 cell busbars accessories

GBS-LFP-400AH-A 400ah lifepo4 cell is our hot sale model. It is popular with our customers because of its high discharge rate, good performance at high and low temperatures, safety performance, the long cycle life of more than 3000cycles, fast charging and a bargain price. We will provide busbars, connectors, bolts assembly, jigs and straps to help customers conveniently build battery packs. 

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