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CALB 3P4S Lithium NMC EV Battery Modules shipped to the UK

We have a UK customer working on an electric vehicle modification project and needs some battery modules for electric vehicles. 

The customer expects the module's battery cells to match his EV application, not those used for solar energy storage but power lithium batteries. According to the customer's requirements, we recommend the CALB 2.2kwh 3P4S ( composed of CALB L148N50A 3.7V 50Ah NMC cells) and 2.6kwh 3P4S ( composed of L148N58A 3.7V 58Ah NMC cells ) lithium NMC modules widely used in electric vehicle application for him. Since the customer wanted a module with a larger capacity, he finally chose 2.6kwh modules that used 3.7V 58ah NMC battery cells.

CALB EV battery module ev battery pack

We packed each module individually and filled it with foam to ensure the battery could not be damaged during transportation. We shipped these battery modules by boat with door-to-door service. It will take about 50 days to arrive at the customer's house.

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