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CALB L148N50B 3.7V 50Ah ternary lithium nmc battery cells Shipped to Denmark

Recently, a customer ordered 16 pieces of CALB L148N50A 3.7V 50AH  ternary lithium NMC battery cells to ship to Denmark. He came from the Smart Battery Research Group at Aalborg University and purchased the batteries for testing their technology of "using the pulsed current to extend battery life." 

CALB L148N50A is an NMC 811 lithium battery, a ternary lithium power battery. It has a nominal voltage and capacity of 3.65V 50Ah, long cycle life of more than 2000cycles, a max discharge rate of 8C, and a light weight of 900g. We can widely use it for EV electric vehicles, forklifts, golf carts, electric bicycles, power systems, etc.

calb l148n50b nmc cell calb l148n50b nmc cell

According to the customer's requirements, we helped them weld M6 bolts to 15 cells for easy connection and reserved one cell with a flat-top terminal for comparison. 

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