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Sinopoly 3.2V 200Ah Prismaitc LiFePO4 cells to the USA

An American client on Facebook contacted us to order some LiFePO4 battery cells; he had a definite demand for Sinopoly LiFePO4 SP-LFP200AHA 200Ah lifepo4 cells and placed an order of 12 pieces of lifepo4 cells without much hesitation after a short communication about price. 

We tested every single lifepo4 cell of the item for internal resistance, capacity, voltage, weight, and appearance and issued the test report before the shipment. We also provided free busbars, bolts, screws, and other accessories with these battery cells for the client to build the battery pack expediently.

The capacity of on sale Sinopoly battery is 40ah, 60ah, 100ah, 200ah, and 400ah. For various reasons, SP-LFP200AHA 200ah has a bargain price on the market. It also has the features of high energy density, a long cycle life, a good performance at high/low temperature, an excellent safety performance, a high rate of continuous discharge and charge, and good consistency, and people can widely use it for EV, energy storage and other power source systems applications.

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