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Customized 24V 100Ah Winston Battery Pack Ship to The United Arab Emirates


A customer from the United Arab Emirates wants to customize a set of 24V 100Ah battery packs for his customers.

Among eve batteries and winston batteries, since the battery application area is in Iraq, the battery needs to have good high temperature resistance, so the customer finally decided to order the winston battery.

The Thunder Sky Winston battery is a high-power lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. As the only LFP producer, Winston incorporate Yttrium to enhance the cell temperature flexibility as well as performance overall. Minimal lifetime of 2000 cycles with real experience showing up to 8000 cycles.

The customer made requirements for the size and power rate of the battery pack and provided us with a design drawing of the battery pack they wanted.

24V 100Ah battery pack drawing

This is the customer's request for Winston's custom battery pack:


1. Aluminum battery pack casing that fits the size

2. 8S Winston battery TSWB-LYP100AHA-B

3. The battery pack charges at 0.25C and discharges at a maximum of 10A.

4. USB cable with Bluetooth and RS485 communication

5. At least 70cm long positive and negative leads (25mm size)

6.The positif and negatif wires must be terminated with M8 round lug with red and black heat shrink tubing

7. Battery pack casing with foldable handle (aluminum or 316 stainless steel) and removable cover

8. Battery pack installation with Daly BMS 8S 24V 100A and 1A active balancer

9. Install a soldered ground terminal on the battery pack housing

10. The battery pack casing needs to have the logo of the customer company

11. Equipped with a 20A charger


We purchase 8pcs 100ah winston batteries from Winston manufacturer, and then send the batteries to the pack factory for professional design and assembly.


Our technicians finally designed a plan based on the battery pack design drawings provided by the customer, and the battery pack plan was quickly approved by the customer.


During the process of assembling the battery pack, we communicated and confirmed with the customer every step of the way. Although there were some imperfections along the way, they were successfully resolved.

In accordance with the agreement with the customer, we finally successfully completed the winston customized battery pack.

This is a picture of the winston battery pack.

24V 100Ah winston battery pack

This is the tracking information for the battery pack.

battery pack tracking


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