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8pcs Winston 3.2V 160Ah cells shipped to Italy

One of our customers in Italy purchased 8 of Winston 3.2V 160ah TSWB-LYP160AHA-A batteries.

These batteries were purchased by the customer for his users to replace old systems. These TSWB-LYP160AHA-A 3.2V 160ah Winston cells are available in two sizes, to match their application, the customer chose the cell with size 182*70.5*277mm.


Specification-Winston 160Ah


It only took 1 week to get the batteries ready. Before the batteries were shipped, we did a quality inspection for all the cells.

From the following test report, it is not difficult to find that the consistency of the batteries is very good, no matter the internal resistance or voltage.

Test report

Regarding the shipping, as the customer chose the shipping method of air freight including customs duties.

We have replaced the UN carton with one that meets the standard of airfreight transport for DG goods, the total gross weight of the godos is 50kg. 

8pcs 160Ah Winston cells

The goods will be shipped to Europe by air first, and after the customs clearance by the freight forwarder, the goods will be picked up by UPS and shipped to the customer's address.

Tracking information:

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