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48pcs 40152s headway 17ah battery ship to Singapore


A customer from Singapore ordered 48 pieces of headway 40152S 17ah batteries.

Customers tell me their company's application is "We are currently using this battery cell model for our robots. "

At the same time, we also provide MSDS certificates to customers.

The Headway 17Ah Cylindrical Battery boasts an impressive energy density, packing a considerable amount of power into a compact and lightweight form factor. This high energy density makes it an ideal choice for applications where space and weight are critical factors, such as electric vehicles and portable electronic devices.

High Discharge Rate:

For applications requiring high power output, the Headway 17Ah Cylindrical Battery excels with its high discharge rate. This makes it an ideal choice for demanding applications, including power tools, robotics, and electric propulsion systems.


Headway 40152S 17Ah LiFePO4 Battery cell

headway 40152s 17ah lifepo4 battery specification



production pictures:

The customer placed an order on December 11th, and after production was completed on the 25th, it was sent to our freight forwarder. Attached are production pictures for your reference.

 headway battery


40152s battery

17ah lifepo4 battery


headway package

headway 40152s lifepo4 battery



Packing list:

headway battery packing list



The customer chose air transportation and the goods were shipped from December 28th to January 3rd.


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