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Headway 40152S 17Ah LiFePO4 Battery cells

Headway 40152S 17ah high rate lifepo4 cellHeadway 40152S 17ah high rate lifepo4 cell

Headway LiFePO4 Battery is a kind of high power lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 cylindrical battery cell. Here are the models of 8Ah 38120Hp, 10Ah 38120, 15Ah/17Ah 40152S, 16Ah 40160 Headway LiFePO4 Battery Cells. Evlithium is the official Headway Battery sales partner and technical support specialized center. For more information of Headway LiFePO4 Battery, and connectors, holders of Headway Battery,please Conctact Evlithium.

Headway 40152S has a very low resistance, high capacity, and with screw terminals which makes it much easierto be connected in series and/or parallel into larger packs.

Specifications of Headway 40152S 3.2V 15Ah LiFePO4 battery cells:

1. Nominal Voltage:3.2Volts.
2. Dimension:Diameter(mm) X High(mm) = 401mm X 1651mm(with screw)
3. Capacity: >17Ah.
4. Maximal Charge Current: 17A
5. Maximal Continuous Discharge C-Rate: 34A
6. Maximal Discharge C-Rate: 102A
7. Overvoltage Protection: 3.650.05Volts.
8. Undervoltage Protection: 2.0Volts.
9. Lifecycle: 2000Cycles.
10. Weight: 485Grams.
11. Impedance: 4m.
12. Chemical: LiFePO4

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cylidrical lifepo4 battery  40152S
40152 40152s headway battery 3.2v 15ah package of 40152s



Nominal capacity

17Ah @ 0.5C

Minimum capacity

16.5Ah @ 0.5C

Nominal voltage


Max Charging voltage

3.65 0.05 V

Discharge ending voltage

2.5 0.05 V

Charge current

Standard charge: 0.5C Max charge: 2C when T10

Max charge: 1C when 10T0

Max charge: 0.1C when 0T-10

Discharge current

Standard discharge: 3C Max discharge: 7C

Max instant discharge: 15C

Recommended charge and discharge cell surface temperature

Charge: 045 Discharge: -2060

Maximum allowable charge and discharge cell surface temperature. Charging and discharging at these conditions will shorten cell cycle life.

Charge: 60

Discharge: 75

Humidity range

090%RH (none condensing)

Internal resistance

4mOhm (AC Impedance, 1000HZ)

Cell dimension

Height: 165 mm Max Diameter: 41.0mm Max


46010 g

discharge curvecycle life curve

Our 3.2 Volt Lithium Phosphate Battery is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

a. Solar energy system: The battery can store the energy generated from solar panels and provide power when required.

b. Telecom base station: The battery is an ideal choice for use in telecom base stations, providing reliable and consistent power.

c. Electric vehicle: The battery is an ideal choice for use in electric vehicles, providing high-performance power.

d. Marine: The battery is an ideal choice for use in marine applications, providing reliable power for boats and yachts.

e. RV: The battery is an ideal choice for use in RV applications, providing reliable power for appliances when off-grid.

f. UPS: The battery is an ideal choice for use in UPS systems, providing reliable power backup.

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