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Headway 38120hp 3.2V 8Ah high discharge rate LiFePO4 battery Cell 


Headway lifepo4 battery38120hp lifepo4 battery cell

Headway LiFePO4 Battery is a high power lithium iron phosphate battery. There are 10Ah 38120 Headway Battery, 38120 hp 8ah Headway Battery,15Ah/17ah 40152S Headway Battery,16Ah 40160 Headway Battery.

Headway 38120Hp 3.2V 8Ah LiFePO4 Battery cell is kind of high power lithium lifepo4 battery with maximum 15C continuous discharge rate and more than 2000 times cycle life, used for EV and other with high discharge rate demand.

Evlithium is the official Headway Battery sales partner and technical support specialized center.For more information on Headway LiFePO4 Battery, and connectors and holders of Headway Battery, please
contact Evlithium.

Steady performance Advantages of Headway 38120Hp

1. Super high cycle life

2. Higher energy density

3. Safety, no explosion

4. Lighter and smaller

5. No memory effect

6. Wider operation temperature
7. Higher peak power

Parameters of Headway 38120 HP lifepo4 battery 



Nominal capacity

8Ah @ 1C

Minimum capacity

7.5Ah @ 1C

Nominal voltage


Max Charging voltage

3.65 0.05 V

Discharge ending voltage

2.5 0.05 V

Charge current

Standard charge: 3C

Max charge: 10C when T10 

Max charge: 3C when 10 OCT0 

Max charge: 0.1C when 0 OCT-10 

Discharge current

Standard discharge: 5C

Max continuous discharge: 15C

Max instant (30s) discharge: 30C

Charge and discharge cell surface

temperature rise

5C continuous discharge:15 

10C continuous discharge:25 

Recommended charge and discharge
cell surface temperature

Charge: 045 

Discharge: -2060 

Maximum allowable charge and discharge cell surface temperature. Charging and discharging at these conditions will shorten cell cycle life.

Charge: 60 
Discharge: 75 

Humidity range

090%RH (non condensing)

Internal resistance

4mOhm (AC Impedance, 1000HZ)

Cell dimension

Height: 136 mm Max

Diameter: 38.5mm Max

*We provide the holders and busbars for the easy connection of 38120hp LiFePO4 Battery Cells

38120 hp lifepo4 batteryheadway lifepo4 battery cell

Headway cell 38120hp 3.2V 8Ah high power LiFePO4 battery
3.2v 8ah lifepo4 battery

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