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6.6KW TC On Board Battery Chargers to the USA

tc on board battery charger tc obc charger 6600w tc obc charger 6600w

Recently, our customer from the USA ordered ten sets of TC HK-L series 6.6KW On board battery chargers from us for old TC HK-MF series chargers; the HK-L 6.6KW OBC chargers have an output voltage, capacity and power of 108V 60A 6600W, an input voltage range of AC 90V~264V, a frequency of 45Hz~65Hz, a protection grade of IP67; the efficiency at full-loading is íŢ93%, and they can operate well under the temperature of - 40íŠíź85íŠ.

An on board charger (OBC) is used in an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to charge the traction battery. The On-Board charger system described in the material below converts the AC input from the grid to a DC input which charges the battery. ADI helps simplify the system design with various signal conditioning solutions and integrated high-voltage isolation offerings, including Isolated gate drivers.

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