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30Ah LTO Battery and 21S 48V200A BMS were shipped to Italy

We delivered 63 pieces of Shengquan SQT-60137H-30Ah 2.4V 30Ah LTO battery cells, and one 21S 48V200A Daly smart BMS set to an Italian customer.

He will build a 21S3P 50.2V 90Ah LTO battery bank using these 30ah LTO battery cells and the 48V200A LTO battery BMS for the power of working tools (like an Electric chainsaw, drill, welding machine, grinder), the refrigerator and heating floor.

2.4V 30Ah LTO battery cell Daly lto battery bms

The LTO battery is the safest lithium battery at present. It will not catch fire or explosion under collision, overcharged or short circuit. We can use the LTO battery in fast charge and discharge at an 8C working environment, and we can fast charge it to 80% of full capacity in less than 8 minutes. The LTO battery has an operating temperature range from -40íŠ to 60íŠ, and we can widely use it in high and cold areas, alpine regions, refrigeration storage, steel mill etc.

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