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Headway battery 40152S 3.2V 15Ah cylindrical lifepo4 cells were shipped to India

Recently our customer from India purchased 130pcs Headway 40152S 3.2V 15Ah cylindrical lifepo4 battery cells, and these cylindrical lifepo4 cells are used to build a 30S4P 96V60Ah LiFePO4 battery pack for a custom EV application. 

The customer intends to extract a 600A discharge rate from the lifepo4 battery pack, so a minimum discharge rate of 150A per lifepo4 cell is required, and the Headway 40152s 15ah lifepo4 battery cell has a maximum 10C 150A discharge rate, which meets the customer demand perfectly.

Headway lifepo4 cells 40152S have a very low resistance, high capacity, and with screw terminals which makes it much easier to be connected in series and/or parallel into larger packs.

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