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Shipment of CALB L173F230 230ah and GBS-LFP60AHA 60ah lifepo4 prismatic battery cells

Recently, we delivered 40 CALB L173F230 3.2V 230ah and GBS-LFP60AHA 3.2V 60ah LiFePO4 battery cells to a new client for a small energy storage system from French Polynesia; he's a friend of our regular customer in French Polynesia and was introduced to purchase LiFePO4 batteries from us, and we are so glad for the trust.

For easy connection, we provided the welded screw model of CALB L173F230 230Ah lifepo4 battery cell; it has a nominal voltage and capacity of 3.2V 230Ah. In addition, we tested every single lifepo4 cell before the shipment; we issued the test report, showing that all 40 CALB L173F230 lifepo4 cells have an actual capacity of about 246ah, which is 7% higher than the nominal capacity, and they all have the similar voltage. All cells we provide are brand new grade lifepo4 cells.

CALB 230Ah and GBS 40ah lifepo4 cells

It was the first order, and we provided 60 pieces of busbars for the 230ah lifepo4 cells and connectors, bolt assembly, jigs and straps and other accessories as the requirement of his application. We packed these batteries and accessories on a pallet with a weight of around 201kg and a volume of 0.4CBM.

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