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18650 and 23680 Lithium Titanate LTO Batteries Shipped to Italy

Our customer from Italy purchased 10pcs 18650 2.4V 1500mAh LTO batteries and 10pcs 23680 2.4V 2500mAh lithium titanate battery cells from us for Emergency lighting.

Lithium Titanate LTO Battery

The 18650 LTO battery has a nominal voltage and capacity of 2.4V 1500mah(1.5ah), the dimension is 18.6*64.8mm, the positive and negative poles of the cells are flat, and the 23680 LTO battery has a nominal capacity of 2500mah. There are pins on the top of the cell for connection. These two models of batteries all have long cycle life, high charge/discharge rate, increased safety and excellent low-temperature performance.

We shipped these LTO batteries by air with a 1.5kg gross weight, and our customer received them within 20days.

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