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2.4V 6Ah LTO Batteries Shipped to New Zealand

Our customer from New Zealand firstly purchased two 38120HP 8ah lifepo4 batteries from us, and he told us that he had bought other batteries from people on Aliexpress, and they had all gotten lost. He got the headway 38120 batteries we sent him. Later, he ordered 4pcs 2.4v 6ah LTO batteries from us; all the batteries are used for his car.

This LTO cylindrical battery cell has a nominal voltage and capacity of 2.4V 6ah; the model is 32145S, which means the diameter and height are 32*145mm, and a thread height M8*8mm. It has a maximum continuous charge/discharge current of 60A(10C), a wide operating temperature range of -40~60íŠ, a super long cycle life of 30000 cycles @80%DOD. 

6ah lto battery

We can ship small quantity batteries to new Zealand by unique line and large quantity by to port of New Zealand.

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