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CALB D148N50D-3P4S 14.64V 150Ah Lithium ternary NMC Battery Module

Recently our customer from Australia purchased 24pcs CALB D148N50D-3P4S 14.64V 150ah ternary lithium battery modules from our company for his car. 

This lithium battery module uses four CALB L148N50B 3.7V 50ah ternary lithium battery cells in series and three groups in parallel, with a total of 12. It has a nominal voltage and capacity of 14.64 V and 150ah, a cycle life of 1000times @80%DOD, a weight of 11.6kg, has a metal casing and a dimension of 355*151*108mm. 

CALB Battery Module

The short lead time for this module is a highlight, and it takes around ten workdays. The modules were packed in cartons with a total gross weight of 320KGS. We shipped the cargo to the port of Brisbane, Australia.

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