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Fortune LiFePO4 Battery Cells Shipped to Australia

Our Australian customer ordered 4 pcs Fortune 3.2v 100ah LiFePO4 batteries again from us for his solar system. He was highly satisfied with our batteries and service every time.

Customer feedback

Customer's feedback

We tested and well-matched the four lifepo4 battery cells and provided a test report. You will find out all four cells have a voltage of 3.3 volts and low internal resistance on the test report. The real capacity of the brand new a grade fortune lifepo4 battery cells we provided is normally with 110Ah, which is around 10% higher than the nominal capacity of 100ah.

test report of fortune lifepo4 battery

Test report of Fortune 100Ah lifepo4 batteries

fortune lifepo4 battery 100ah

We provided free connectors, busbars, battery holders, and other accessories for easy connection between these battery cells and packed them into a carton with battery cells; the total gross weight is around 12kgs. We shipped the goods with door-to-door service, and it will take around two weeks for transportation, and the clients can track the cargo on the website.

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