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800W AGM Battery Charger for 24V 55Ah Lead-acid AGM batteries

A customer from Mexico purchased 20 sets of 24V 800W chargers for his 24V 55Ah lead-acid agm battery packs, built with two sets of 12v55Ah YellowTOP Optima AGM batteries; the customer used these chargers to charge lead-acid batteries on electric hydraulic carts in the greenhouse, so an IP67 charger is essential in this working environment. Our chargers are capable of doing the job.

agm battery chargerlithium battery charger

The 800W AGM battery charger
has a fully sealed shell with three models of 24V15A, 48V15A, and 60V12A, a wide operating temperature range of -40ˇăC~60ˇăC; has the protection functions of overheat, short-circuit, battery reverse connection, input low-voltage & over-voltage, and full automatic shutdown, can be used for NCM battery, LiFePO4 battery, lead-acid AGM battery.

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