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LF105 3.2V 105Ah EVE LiFePO4 Battery Cells Shipped to Indonesia

After successfully cooperation many times, our customer from Indonesia purchased 32pcs EVE LF105 105Ah lifepo4 batteries from us again. We provided form E to reduce custom and tax and sent original documents to our customer for customs clearance as the previous order. We packed these batteries into two cartons with UN3480 certification, and the batteries were shipped to Jakarta port by the sea with a total G.W. 80KGS and 0.3CBM.

lf105 eve lifepo4 cells

EVE LF105 105ah lifepo4 battery cell is one of the most popular lifepo4 cells produced by EVE, it has a nominal voltage and capacity of 3.2v 105ah, 1C charge, and 3C high discharge rate, and more than 2500 cycles of cycle life @80%DOD, can be widely used for electric vehicles, golf cart, solar system, energy storage system, yacht, etc. We are the official dealer of EVE lifepo4 cells, so all of the EVE battery cells we provide are Grade A, brand new, and guaranteed sufficient capacity; we will give free busbars, nuts, and screws according to the number of batteries, and these batteries all have the certifications such as CE, MSDS, UN., UL, etc.

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